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Titles for links

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You can insert titles into Links, too. Not only does this help those visually impaired surfers know where you are sending them to, but most search engines figure this as part of their relevancy for your web page.

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Page Description SEO tip

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When you are looking at any search result in Google, the non-bold text that is under the page title is the “page description.” Google allows you to use 155 characters for your page description. It uses the same rules as the page titles, but try to also think of these 155 characters as small mini-ads […]

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Your Title for your website

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Page titles appear as the headline in the search engine results. You should have page titles that are both very relevant to what’s on your page, as well as keyword rich. The top search engines allow you to use up to 70 characters in your page title, so maximize that real estate as best you […]

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5 Common SEO Mistakes with Web Page Titles

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Hi everybody. I just found a must read link for some very basic things. Please click on this link to read all the details. This article talks about the importance of web page titles and how they show up on Google Chrome, Mizilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.  It talk about Page Titles That Are […]

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